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Foreign Nationals

Why is UK an attractive place to invest?

International buyers have always been very attracted to purchasing abroad and especially UK. Due to the pound currency being weaker to others, purchasing in the UK has become very attractive for foreign investors. It has become more appealing more so now with the low-interest rates lenders currently have on offer and buying a property in the UK is financially more appealing than ever. Investors are also purchasing commercial and semi-commercial properties as, just like UK investors, these types of purchases do not incur the 3% stamp duty surcharge.

UK landlords are experiencing high rental demand and increasing rent prices, these same benefits are felt by landlords living outside of the UK, which, paired with low monthly mortgage payments, makes for excellent yields.


The services we can offer include, but are not limited to:

The services we can offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Mortgages and short-term finance
  • Flexible and bespoke terms dependant on your personal circumstances
  • In addition to individuals, we can provide finance for limited companies, partnerships and trusts
  • Commercial finance solutions
  • We have many strong relationships with specialist finance lenders and private banks and are confident that if your unique requirements can be met then we can meet them.

Foreign national mortgages can be a complex topic, so it’s crucial that you get the right advice if you’re in the market for one. That way, you could boost your chances of success and chances of ending up with the best rates that you qualify for.


Who can invest in UK Commercial Property?

Anyone with a UK passport (those who do not hold a British passport in condition as long as their country of residence is on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) list)

What types of property investment can Expats and Foreign Nationals make?
From our knowledge, lenders do have experience-based criteria for applicants whereas others consider different types of asset class which require more experience from the landlord for a lender to consider them for finance. For commercial loans, most will require at least two previous commercial investments and around two years of landlord experience before they will consider your application.

How can Expats and Foreign Nationals purchase property for investment?

Individuals & Limited Companies
You can purchase a property through either your personal name or through a Limited Company. You will require a UK bank account if you have plans on setting up an SPV with the intentions of purchasing a property.

Lenders will execute enhanced due diligence on identification and proof of residency checks in order to reduce their risk. You should also provide your previous UK credit history, as well as your overseas/country of residence credit history.

How can we help?

We have many years of securing all kinds of property finance for foreign nationals. Non-UK citizens very often have some sort of difficulty accessing specialist finance, in addition to more conventional funding streams, to purchase property in the United Kingdom. This is mainly due to the sometimes strict and inflexible lending criteria from the majority of UK based lenders.

At Just Commercial Solutions we have access to a large number of specialist lenders and products, not usually found on the high street, that are specifically designed and tailored for non-UK citizens who are either buying or refinancing a property in the UK.